The levelling shims of Jombar ® replace the traditional steel shims used in precast.

Our company developed this solution at the request of concrete precast manufacturers and large public infrastructure companies.

The goal was to obtain a product with a great variety of thicknesses and dimensions, non-slip (unlike steel), that is not affected by corrosion and with a long useful life, at a lower cost than steel. But above all, with an extremely high compressive strength.

The result is a wide range of flat shims that we show you here. With the passing of time, the market has been doing a selection of varied uses and applications. Today, construction professionals use them for the placement of the window frames in work.

They are widely used in the leveling of wind generators towers, leveling heavy loads transportation, in modular construction...
The design was developed based on the requirements of the companies of the sector. One of the first problems to solve was the slipping that can happen at the time of levelling. That is why the surface of the shim does not slide over concrete or over other shim. This product doesn´t move when it´s placed or when it has been fixed.

When a structure or a framework is being levelled, the person responsible for that job must have the highest possibilities, that´s the reason for such a wide range of dimensions and thicknesses. Working with Jombar shims improves the quality of the construction because an optimum levelling can be achieved, but also because the worker has more options to work with, more security and much less danger. And the company has less costs and more quality and guarantees.

Our shims are manufactured with high quality plastics, along with other components developed after years of research.  There is no corrosion.

In addition to our shims Standard Series CP , we have developped the CPA Series, based on a polyethilene compound, also with a high resistance to compression, but thinking at, also, other applications that require high chemical resistance, a flat superface, the possibility of contacto with drinkable water and food, in bigger sizes than Standard Series CP.

These CPA shims are manufactured by machining process of big blocks of material, in difference of CP shims that are manufactured by injection. So, it allows the possibility of being custom-made.

We develop and evolve our products with you.
Levelling shims.
TPV seguro
High resistance plastic shims (support plates).
High resistance to compression shims CP Series (standard). Wide range of shims with resistance superior to 131Mpa (1335 Kg/cm2) for levelling of heavy weight loads, precast concrete pieces, transport, levelling of eolic towers, modular construction, etc. Anti-skating surface.

Material: Polypropylne based composite.
Colour: Black.
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High resistance shims (support plates) CP Series (standard).
High resistance to compression shims CPA Series. Wide range of shims with resistance superior to 100Mpa (1000 Kg/cm2) for levelling of heavy weight loads, modular construction, chemical industry, food industry, transport, etc. Flat surface. Hich chemical resistance.

Material: Polyethylene
based composite.
Standard colour: black.
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High resistance shims (support plates) CPA Series for special applications
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