Glazing Packers & Accessories

Jombar glazing products are made with the right and highest quality materials. They will last as long as the glazing installation endures.

Our glazing packers are the leading product in the market for their efficient design and the quality of the material used in them.

Glazing Products

Assortment of Single Glazing Packers and Three-Glazing-Packer Strips | BigBox

Assorted selections specially created for professionals, providing a variety of the most common references used depending on the thickness of the glass sheet or the profile gap width.

Single Glazing Packers

Classic anti-slip glazing packer, produced using the highest quality materials. 100% recyclable.

Three-Glazing-Packer Strips

They can be break up into three separate packers, or fold, with an anti-slip surface. Made using 100% synthesis High Density Polythene. Not recycled and 100% recyclable.

Glazing Shovel

The best tool to adjust glazing packers and glass sheets. An eternal tool.

Glass Railing Wedges

A simple, affordable and very safe system to fasten glass railings. 100% recyclable.


Glazing packers avoid contact with the glass sheet

Our glazing packers separate the glass and metal surface.

Polythene glazing packers

Our glazing packers are produced using non-recycled 100% synthesis High Density Polythene.


Packers for glazing insulation

Better temperature and thermal insulation using our glazing packers.

100% recyclable

Fully recyclable products, produced with polythene for glazing.