Spacer for Concrete MONTIS WITH BASE for rebars from 5 to 12 mm cover 15 mm | BAG 3000 UNITS

Plastic ´A´ spacer with base for precast and structural concrete, with a clamp on top.

Product description

Plastic ´A´ spacer with base for precast and structural concrete. Suitable mainly for precast concrete panels with an insulation layer. Its base prevents the spacer from sinking in the polystyrene, avoiding loss of cover distance. Horizontal use, made using the best raw materials possible (pure non recycled synthesis polypropylene, presents a good grip thanks to its clip and a very good load strength, as well as a good stability.

For the Load Strength Report, please click on the link.

Made of 100% non-recycled pure synthesis polypropylene. Fully recyclable.It can be produced in different colours upon request. Standard colour: grey.

Additional information

Weight 19.7 kg