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BIGBOX | Glazing Packer Assortment

ANCHOR FORMERS | Labour cost improvement with a perfect finish

LEVELLING SHIMS | Wide range of levelling solutions and greater safety

SPACERS FOR CONCRETE | Less application cost, high durability and perfect finishes

Higher efficiency on hollow-core slabs


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Product Categories

Glazing Packers

Jombar glazing products are made with the right and highest quality materials. They will last as long as the glazing installation endures.

Levelling Solutions

Our levelling products are made with plastics and composites of high quality and resistance, which lend them a great security use and a long life. They can be re-used several times therefore they can be considered sustainable products. And they are 100% recyclable

Spacers for Concrete

Jombar plastic spacers for concrete are made of 100% synthesis polypropylene, except FX references (polythene) and GIGAS references (recycled polypropylene). 100% recyclable.

Anchor Formers

Plastic formers that create a space in precast concrete elements and hold the pin or spread anchor, made up of a cup and a lid.


Hollow-core Caps

Holveus hollow-core caps from Jombar cover all holow-core slabs in the market. Options for different compression layers, types of concrete, manufacturer,etc…